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Over the course of the long history of #LADurday, a number of destinations have emerged through long-standing in-jokes or, as is most often the case, an off-the-cuff remark snowballing into something far larger. These destinations started as unlikely pipe dreams but very slowly, they have started to prove themselves as almost realistic destinations, with some of the GODs having taken it upon themselves to leave their home shores in search of better days.

The destinations are as follows:

Leipzig: Edit

Copenhagen: Edit

Munich (Oktoberfest): Edit

Las Vegas: Edit

Other Destinations Edit

Additionally, some (or in rare cases, most/all) of the LADs have made it to other destinations which carried less pre-hype within the group. Below is a summary of all such occasions where #LADurday has breached the shores of Britain and been bestowed upon those of other origins:

Berlin: Edit

Madrid: Edit

Prague: Edit